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Managing Your Homeschool

As a homeschool mom, you probably dream of getting it all done. But it doesn't have to be a dream! Teri, veteran homeschooler for 30 years, knows the challenges moms face in the area of time management. In her book, Managers of Their Homes, she shares real-life tips and suggestions on how to effectively manage your time. Chores got you down? Join the thousands of moms who have used Managers of Their Chores to manage their children's chores. Managers of Their Schools is your perfect nuts and bolts "how-to-homeschool" book. "We have used all of the Managers books for almost 2 years. What a difference managing your time like you manage your money makes!" Melissa

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Keeping Our Children's Hearts

In a world where it's the norm for even Christian families to lose at least one child to the world, we're here to share hope with you! We have fruit of raising our children without rebellion, so we know it is possible to keep hearts. Learn how we did it through our book, Keeping Our Children's Hearts, and read testimonies from all eight of our children.

Steve and Teri Maxwell's book on keeping children's hearts

Sarah Maxwell's Children's Books

Sarah Maxwell's Moody Family Series for children.

"I just wanted to let you know how very much the Moody Family Series has blessed our family! It's not easy to find books about Christian homeschoolers. Not only do these books encourage us in our faith and Christian lifestyle, the writing is fantastic!” Candace

Steve and Teri Maxwell's book on how to make great conversationalists

A Tool That Could Change Your Child's Life

How well a child can carry on a meaningful conversation with others is crucial to his success in life. His conversation skills, or lack thereof, could influence who employs him, who he marries, and ultimately his success in life. You can teach your child how to become that great conversationalist. Making Great Conversationalists is filled with practical how-tos and even projects that you can use in your family. Find out more information.

Titus2 Mentorship with Teri

Sweet Relationships is a Titus2 Christian woman's Bible study, perfect for individual or group studies. Having known Jesus as her Lord and Savior for over thirty years, Teri shares from her own experiences and what the Lord Jesus has taught her. Find out more information.

Teri Maxwell's Bible study named Sweet Relationships

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