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Children's Homeschool Reading Books: The Moody Family Series

Sarah Maxwell, author of all of the Moody books

Finding good, wholesome books for your children can be hard. Your search is over. The Moody Family Series was written by Sarah, a first generation homeschool graduate. Each book spans about three months in the Moody Family, and you'll follow their real-life adventures. Children love to read the Moody Family Series, because they can identify with Max, Mollie, Mitch, and Maddie. Moms like for their children to read the books because they often find their children imitating the Moodys: whether it be cleaning out the garage as a surprise, helping a brother or sister, making an anniversary meal, or being happy and cheerful when asked to do something.

Although the books are fictional, Sarah, now 34, draws from her own real-life experiences making these books come alive. Go ahead and read two chapters from Book #1. If you purchase the entire series together, you save and receive free economy shipping in the U.S. We're confident you'll love the books!

Listen to Sarah share about her books in the video below.

The books build on each other, so it’s best to read them in order, starting with Summer with the Moodys.

Aimee shared: “My daughter, 7 years old, is reading through your book series and absolutely LOVES them! As a Christian, homeschooled girl, there are so many ways that she identifies with the characters and finds such joy when reading them. As parents, we love knowing that she is reading quality literature that points her to Christ as she reads."

Reading comprehension level: age 7+

Family read aloud comprehension level: age 4+