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If/Then Chart

If/Then Chart

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Size: 8.5x11, color/laminated

Scripture Version Note: ALL of our books and CDs use the King James Version, but we recently discovered the IF/Then Chart (which we sell but didn't develop) isn't totally KJV. To our customers to whom this would matter, we wanted to let you know that there are four verses that are not KJV. Two of the verses on the If-Then part, one in the header of the chart, and another on the back. When we used the chart, we substituted verses we preferred to use rather than what was provided. We cut out paper the size of the rectangle where the other verse was located, copied our verse onto the paper, and taped it to the chart.

The If/Then Chart was one of the most instrumental tools we found for helping us deal consistently with our children's misbehavior. Before using the If/Then Chart, Teri would often become angry with the children when they were doing something they shouldn't or not doing what they should. She knew they needed a consequence but wouldn't know what a reasonable one would be. Therefore, there were times she gave no consequence when she should have and other times when the consequence was stronger than it should have been.

The If/Then Chart changed all that. Steve and Teri sat down, discussed, and prayed about consequences. They added behavior their children needed help with that wasn't on the chart, and they chose their own verses for some of the sections. Because they had a wide age range of children, for a while they had younger children consequences and older children consequences. Before Teri laminated her chart and started using dry erase markers to fill in the consequences, she wrote the consequences on small sticky notes so she could change them if necessary.

When a child misbehaved, Teri took the child to the chart, read the problem, verse, and consequence. It was all laid out for her, which helped her be consistent and not be angry with the children when they needed correction. She loved using the If/Then Chart.

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