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My Delight: Loving My Husband $9.95

A Dynamic Book for Wives

In My Delight: Loving My Husband, Teri unlocks the treasure for ladies to build their marriages God's way.

Through the pages of My Delight, Teri describes what a delightful marriage looks like, what might interfere with it, and practical solutions for wives. You’ll find help to make your home a haven, how to nurture yourself to be the best wife possible, practical examples to show your husband you love him, what it means to build him up, and much more! Read more.

Encouraging E-mails for Parents

Mom's Corner Highlight

As our family steps back into the role of helping our son Christopher with five of his children ages 2 to 7 while his wife, Anna Marie, is in Washington state with her family undergoing chemotherapy, we are again reminded of the basics that allow life to run smoothly. Mom, you are critical to the heartbeat of your home. When you are tired, it falls apart. Read more.

Seriously Dad's Highlight

Have you ever wondered if you might be guilty of heresy (belief or opinion contrary to orthodox Christian doctrine)? To most, that might be a shocking thought, but there is an expression that heresy is some aspect of truth carried to an extreme. Read more.

Summer with the Moodys: Book 1 $4.91 (40% off!)

Limited Special

We know families across the country are facing so much right now. Most everyone has cancelled social activities, and it seems life has come to a halt. Some families even became homeschoolers overnight. Wouldn’t you like to have a good, wholesome book your kids can enjoy which sparks creative thinking? We’re offering Sarah’s first book in the Moody Family Series for 40% off. Feel free to order multiple copies to give to those you know who would be blessed. We’re still offering free shipping at $25* (some exceptions) in the United States.

Read more.

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What others are saying about Titus2

You are the one and only source (outside of the Bible) I trust without reserve. Thank you for all you do, from the bottom of my heart. Cathy
I am not a naturally organized person, so sticking to a schedule in the past has never worked. Now I have found encouragement, inspiration, and the tools I need to run my household efficiently. Thank you! You have been an answer to prayer! Audra
The most complete and most balanced book I have read on how to raise children who won't rebel! Dr. S. M. Davis
I was amazed at how much my children and I accomplished during the day. The stress of always feeling behind was gone. Thank you for a great resource for families. Sarah
This book was such a Godsend! It helped me better realize the effect my time had on others. What I do with my time directly impacts my children. Why did I not see this before!? God wants me to use His gift of time wisely. Thank you, Steve and Teri! Praise God for this. Kate
Love your books! Thank you for your transparency and your obedience to God. So inspirational and transformational for my family and me. Becca