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We Can Help Manage Your Home

Teri Maxwell, veteran homeschool mom for 30 years, knows the unique challenges homeschoolers face in the area of time management. A mom is busy enough to begin with but add homeschooling, and she has so much to accomplish. In Teri's book, Managers of Their Homes, which includes a Scheduling Kit so you can make your family’s schedule, she shares concrete steps on how to effectively manage your time.

Sarah Maxwell's Children's Books

Are you looking for good, wholesome books for your children to read? Sarah, in her early 20's, began writing the Moody Family Series, a fictional series about a homeschool family. Over the course of the last 13 years, she's written 10 books plus 2 Christmas stories.

You won't find bad examples for your children to imitate. Instead, each book is filled with the exciting, everyday adventures of a family just like yours! Provide your children with hours of worthwhile reading. Read more here

Titus2 Mentorship Made Easy

Do you dream of having a Titus 2 mentor? Does it seem impossible to find one? Teri Maxwell's Bible study books are the next best thing. You'll feel like Teri is right there as you read her book and apply the practical insights into your life. The books make great individual study, mother/daughter study, or even a group study! Plus, Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit is a favorite among homeschool moms. Don't miss out!

Buying a House Debt-Free

You can equip your son to purchase a home debt-free.It doesn't have to be a dream. Learn what it takes to equip your son to purchase his home debt-free before marriage. Read key insights into how you can do that, and be encouraged by 10 young men who bought homes before they married.

Keeping Our Children's Hearts

The most important task you have as a parent is to raise your child for Jesus.In a world where it's the norm for even Christian families to lose at least one child to the world, we're here to share hope with you! Learn how we raised children without rebellion through our book, Keeping Our Children's Hearts, and read testimonies from all our children.

Redeeming the Time

The most important task you have as a parent is to raise your child for Jesus.Dad's time is precious. There is so much to do: work, being a dad, husband, and trying to lead your family. How does one accomplish it all? Steve, small business owner and dad to eight, knows what it's like. Join him on this exciting journey to effectively managing your time!