Encouraging, exhorting, equipping Christian Families in Jesus Christ


These practical audio sessions and audiobooks can be listened to almost anywhere. Whether you are driving, exercising, working in the kitchen, folding laundry, or simply relaxing, it is a great way to redeem the time. We offer audiobooks for our book, Redeeming the Time, as well as Preparing Sons. In addition to that we carry many other messages on topics regarding parenting, homeschooling, time management, dealing with anger, practical tips for young people, and more.

Steve and Teri have been homeschooling since 1985. They have eight adult children (4 married) who have graduated and are faithful to Jesus. Throughout the years, they have learned ways to help deal with frustration, improve how parents manage their time, and ways to be a godly parent that raises offspring for God's glory. With these messages, and audiobooks, they seek to share with you these lessons.

We also offer many of Dr. S. M. Davis' messages in both CD and download versions. God has given him insight into some of the most difficult problems that Christian parents face, and how to best solve them. Dr. S.M. Davis founded Solve Family Problems and pastored for years, recording many of his messages. With encouragement and exhortation, Dr. S.M Davis goes to the Bible as the solution to practically every problem that we face. If you would like to see all of his products that we offer, you can browse and purchase the products there.

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Viewing 1 - 40 of 56