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Winter with the Moodys Meet the Characters

Mr. Moody—Dad, whose name is Jim, is the happy father of four children. He works at a bank headquarters. When he has fulfilled his duties at work, his preferred place is at home, spending time with his family. His heart's desire is to be a man of God and the spiritual leader of his family.

Mrs. Moody—Mom, whose name is Emily, is a homeschooling, stay-at-home mom. She dearly loves being a helpmeet to her husband and mother to her four children.

Max—Max's real name is Maxwell, which is a family name. He is eleven and enjoys being the oldest child. Max has a heart for the Lord and desires to please Him.

Mollie—Mollie, ten, is a happy young lady. She has a heart for Jesus and is excited to bless others.

Mitch—Mitch's real name is Mitchell, another family name. Mitch, nine, seems to always have a unique suggestion or comment for any situation at hand. He desires to make his time with the Lord a priority each day.

Maddie—The youngest of the Moody family is Madelynn, but she goes by Maddie. Her cute comments and view of life add a spark to the Moody household. She celebrates her fourth birthday in this book.

Grandma Clifton—An elderly widow whom the Moodys help. She is also the owner of Honey, a golden retriever.

Mrs. Maud Bagwell—The pet rat’s owner.

Mr. Delome—The Moodys' neighbor who lives across the street. His son, Bill, comes for a visit.

National Pastors—The Moodys support a national pastor in Zambia. If you would like to know more about national pastors and how you may support them, visit this site: www.FamiliesforJesus.com/pastors.

Mr. and Mrs. Russell—Friends of the Moody family and owners of Peaches, the cat, whom the Moody children pet-sat for a little while over the summer. They’re also expecting their first baby.