Encouraging, exhorting, equipping Christian Families in Jesus Christ

Spring with the Moodys Preface

I am grateful to my family for all the help they have been with this book. Without them, Spring with the Moodys would not have been completed! You will even see characteristics of my family members along with some of our daily life and experiences.

After writing Winter with the Moodys, I had ideas for Spring with the Moodys. As I worked through the outline, wrote the book, and then edited, Jesus gave me fresh direction all the way.

My desire is that the Moody Family Series would be used to encourage families to draw closer to Jesus and to each other. I want to hold up a model for children that would cause them to choose to be loving, helpful, kind, and considerate—more like Jesus. I have endeavored to present the gospel of salvation to each child reading this book. I hope to cause my readers to want to spend time in the Word and in prayer every day. While the Moody family may seem like a perfect family, they are the picture of a family that Scripture sets before us. May we all strive to be a part of that kind of family.

I'm grateful to Tilaundia for doing the illustrations for the book. I know younger readers especially enjoy them!

If you notice the small, white lilies on the four corners of the book cover, they have a very special significance. As noted in the dedication, my little niece, Susannah Joy, was born and went to be with Jesus when this book was in the final stages. Susannah's name means lily. We needed a flower to go in each corner of the book, and Anna, my sweet sister, had the idea to use a lily. It seemed perfect! We were at the last minute timing-wise, but we contacted some friends whose daughter is an artist. She graciously agreed to do the drawing, and the lily came out very well! Thank you, Abi!

Thank you again to the Jackson family who allowed us to use their dog, Lady, on the Autumn, Winter, and Spring book covers. Near the end of this project, two moms of twins graciously agreed to read the book to make sure my details were accurate and also to provide "back cover" comments. Their feedback was appreciated! Two other families read the book and submitted "back cover" comments.

May Jesus Christ draw you and your family closer to Him.

Joyfully His,
Sarah Maxwell