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Summer Days with the Moodys Meet the Characters

Mr. Moody—Dad (Jim) is the happy father of six children. He works at a bank. When he has fulfilled his duties at work, his preferred place is at home, spending time with his family. His heart’s desire is to be a man of God and the spiritual leader of his family.

Mrs. Moody—Mom (Emily) is a homeschooling, stay-at-home mom. She dearly loves being a helpmeet to her husband and mother to her six children.

Max—Max (Maxwell), twelve, enjoys being the oldest child. Max has a heart for the Lord and wants to please Him.

Mollie—Mollie, ten, is a happy young lady. She loves Jesus and looks for ways to bless others.

Mitch—Mitch (Mitchell), nine, tends to have a unique suggestion or comment for the situation at hand. He makes his time in God’s Word a priority each day.

Maddie—Four-year-old Madelynn, affectionately known as Maddie, loves being a big sister to the Moody twins. Her cute comments and view of life add a spark to the Moody household.

Moses and Melissa—The little Moody twins are such a joy, and they lend an extra special sparkle to life.

Grandpa and Grandma—James and Martha are Dad’s parents, and both recently accepted the Lord as their Savior.

Grandma Clifton—Mrs. Clifton is an elderly widow whom the Moodys have helped and also the owner of Honey, a golden retriever.

Mrs. Maud Bagwell—Mrs. Bagwell lives up the street from the Moodys.

Mr. Delome—Mr. Delome is the Moodys’ neighbor who lives across the street. He recently accepted the Lord Jesus as his Savior.

Mr. and Mrs. Parker—A young couple from the Moodys’ church who is helping them with the church services at the nursing home.

National Pastor—The Moodys support a national pastor in Zambia. If you would like to know more about national pastors and how you may support them, visit this site: www.FamiliesforJesus.com/pastors

Mr. Gibson –The animal “catcher”! The Moodys have developed a friendship with him, and they enjoy seeing him as opportunities arise.

Mr. and Mrs. Russell –They are friends of the Moody family and owners of Peaches, the cat, whom the Moody children pet-sat last summer. Their baby, Madison, is a little older than the twins.