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Summer Days with the Moodys Preface

I am deeply grateful to my family for all the help they have offered. They invested countless hours listening and offering many suggestions. It's not lightly stated that the book would not be what it is without them. A special thanks to Anna and Mary who were my own "sister editors," and also Dad and Mom for all their editing! My parents' encouragement helped me keep going when discouragement set in. Because this is the fifth book in the series, keeping track of details and remaining true to previously stated events and descriptions made consistency more difficult.

Five families "tested" the book and gave comments for the back cover. Thank you for your help! Another "thank you" to the families who helped with some of the photos used for the sketches. Our faithful, professional proofreader "scrubbed" the book.

I'm grateful to Abi who spent many hours drawing the sketches for Summer Days. What a great job you did!

My desire through the Moody Family Series is for children to be spurred on to obedience to their parents, to have sweet relationships with their brothers and sisters, and most importantly, to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. May the Moodys be the Lord's instrument!

Serving Jesus,
Sarah Maxwell