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Children's Book: Winter Days with the Moodys, Book 7

Children's Book: Winter Days with the Moodys, Book 7

by Sarah Maxwell

The seventh book in the series continues to follow the Moody family as they experience life, serve the Lord Jesus, love each other, and work as a team. November 2014 note: Christmas Comes to Sunflower, a new story, is set in the same time frame as Winter Days, and there's a Reading Guide in the front of Christmas Comes to Sunflower to indicate how the two books can be read together.

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How do the Moodys deal with a challenging, yet not uncommon, situation? What will the holiday season hold? How will the Moodys share Jesus with others? What is Maddie's special birthday gift?

As is often the case with a Moody book, the story begins with excitement, but the excitement doesn't stop there. A surprising event happens after a simple excursion to the grocery store. Then, follow the family as they make their Christmas season special. Later the girls and Mom go on a shopping trip, and Mitch pays a visit to the eye doctor. The weekly neighborhood Bible study continues, and while preparing, Mom encounters the vacuum. Two chances to bless others through I-J-N (In Jesus' Name) are woven into the story line. The book ends with two, well, you'll have to find out!

  • Reading comprehension level: ages 7-12
  • Read aloud comprehension level: ages 4 and up
  • The book is also illustrated with one drawing per chapter.

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Book Author Sarah Maxwell
Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5
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