Encouraging, exhorting, equipping Christian Families in Jesus Christ

Winter Days with the Moodys Preface

The Lord gave me many ideas for this book, and it was a joy to see the story come together. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the help my family offers. They give up many hours first to listen to me read the outline and then to hear the book itself. They are truly my best editors, and John is my special "reality editor." I can't tell you the number of times I wrote something, and John caught a contradiction or humorous error.

If it weren't for my family, you wouldn't be holding this book. Just as with the other books, there were times I felt like giving up, but they encouraged me to continue.

It is my desire that these books will spur readers on to develop a closer walk with the Lord Jesus. For those who do not know the joy of being a child of God, I pray you would see your need of a Savior. Without the Lord Jesus, life is meaningless.

I am grateful to Joseph for designing the cover. His creativity is a blessing! Thank you also to Abi for all your work on the sketches.

Four families tested the book, and I'm grateful for their comments.

And yes, the idea file for Spring Days is already filling up!

Only for Jesus,
Sarah Maxwell