Encouraging, exhorting, equipping Christian Families in Jesus Christ

Chore Chart O

  Mom Isaiah, 9 Susanna, 7 Joshua, 3 Emily, 2
Daily Vacuum/Sweep/2 loads of Laundry Make bed/Straighten room/Feed dog/Collect laundry from 2 rooms/Dishes Make bed/Straighten Room/Check mail/Collect laundry from 2 rooms/Dishes Make bed/Pick up toys Make bed/Pick up toys
Monday Mop kitchen/Dust pictures/Groc. shopping Vacuum room Organize bookshelf
Tuesday Bathroom Windex TV & Stereo glass Vacuum room
Wednesday Refrigerator/Sheets Empty pencil sharpener Dust speakers Bring trash to kitchen
Thursday Mop/Glass doors Bring in trash cans/Clean door knobs Water plants/Clean computer screens
Friday Bathroom/Do “extra” chores (below) Do “extra chore” (below) Do “extra chore” (below)
Saturday Catch up on chores/Plan meals/School planning Clean out van Clean out van

Extra Chores

Monthly Mom Isaiah Susanna
Week 1 Check furnace filter/Dust for cobwebs/Clean refrigerator Dust baseboards in dining room & back room Dust baseboards in front room & kitchen
Week 2 Clean oven/stove/Dust TV & Stand Vacuum back room furniture Dust window ledges
Week 3 Dust blinds/Deep clean my room Wash doors of lower kitchen cabinets Vacuum front room furniture
Week 4 Work on a chore from other list (finish on Saturday if needed) Clean light switches/Clean and vacuum under your bed Clean basement handrail/Clean and vacuum under your bed