Encouraging, exhorting, equipping Christian Families in Jesus Christ

Max—Although his full name is Maxwell, everyone calls him Max. Twelve-year-old Max keeps a realistic perspective on life.

Mollie—Mollie is eleven, and her surprising idea to bless Joey changed the Moodys’ Christmas season.

Mitch—Two words can be used to describe this ten-year old: enthusiastic and dramatic.

Maddie—She’s a bouncy four-year-old who has a tender heart.

Moses and Melissa—They are the energetic almost oneyear- old Moody twins.

Mr. Moody—Dad (Jim) works at a local bank and loves his family and the Lord Jesus.

Mrs. Moody—Mom (Emily) runs a well-ordered household and depends on the Lord for each day’s needs.

Grandpa and Grandma—James and Martha Moody are Dad’s parents, and they live next door.

Joey Pair—He’s now seven years old boy and was the little boy ran into Grandpa’s truck two years ago while riding his bike. You’ll find him a key character in this special Christmas story.

Marcy—Twelve-year-old Marcy is Joey’s older sister.

Marge Pair—She’s Joey and Marcy’s mom. The Pairs live in the Moodys’ neighborhood