Encouraging, exhorting, equipping Christian Families in Jesus Christ

I’ve been thrilled to see the Lord bring Christmas Comes to Sunflower together. As I contemplated what to write about, Dad came up with the idea, and I knew it would make a perfect Christmas story. My family helped with many suggestions as they listened to me read the book out loud. My sister, Mary, did an excellent job with the sketches. It’s exciting to see her artistic capabilities take off!

Without the Lord Jesus’ help, I could do nothing. I’m grateful for His grace as I wrote and edited this book.

Enjoy Christmas Comes to Sunflower!

Serving Jesus, Sarah

Special Reading Note:
The setting and time is the same as Winter Days with the Moodys. You can read both books simultaneously, and they will intertwine nicely. See the reading guide on pages 8 and 9.