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The Family Chore Team Session

How Chores Facilitate the Homeschooling Family
Teri Maxwell
Time: 1 hour

What homeschooling mom has time to teach plus do all the housework in the home? Most families would agree that it is important to have their children pitching in to help by doing chores. However, striving for the achievement of that goal is another matter. It often leads to conflict, guilt, and failure. In this session, the Maxwells discuss a biblical basis for chores, the multitude of benefits chores bring, the inherent pitfalls of chore implementation, and how to make chores as stress-free as possible. In addition, you will be introduced to a new concept in a chore system, developed by the Maxwells after many years of failure with other chore plans. From preschoolers to teens, each person can be a contributing member of the family while gaining life-long personal benefits that prepare him for life.