Encouraging, exhorting, equipping Christian Families in Jesus Christ

The Energize! Conference

Coming to the Atlanta, Georgia Area, October 3-4th, 2014


Would you like your family to be energized? Are you working as a team? Are you pulling together toward a common goal? Do you have joy and peace? Maybe you started strong but something happened, and you’re simply “out of gas.” Join the Maxwells for a time of encouragement and get your tank filled. Join us at Energize! in the Atlanta, Georgia Area, October 3-4th, 2014!

Date and Time:

October 3rd, 7:00pm - 8:30pm (Bonus sessions start at 5pm)
October 4th, 9:00am - 4:00pm


Bethel Baptist Church
1160 Bethel Church Road
Monticello, Georgia 31064

Directions to the Church


For session descriptions, please see this page.

Friday October 3rd

5:00pm Making The Best of Work: Employed or Self-Employed, Round Table Session
(Entire families are encouraged to come. Please bring your own picnic dinner.)
5:00pm Schedule Triage, Round Table Session
(Sorry, no eating accommodations for this session.)
7:00pm Heart, Soul, and Spirit

Saturday October 4th

9:00am Today Children—Tomorrow Leaders
10:00am How to Have an Awesome Day
(for moms and daughters)
Supersonic Leadership—Is Everyone Strapped In?
(for dads and sons)
11:00am The Physically Energized Family
11:45am Lunch Break
Bring a picnic lunch and fellowship with others. There are also fast food establishments nearby.
1:00pm The Spiritually Energized Family
2:00pm Dating, Courtship, Betrothal, or Whatever
3:00pm Practical Inspiration: A Family Panel Discussion

Your registration is requested. When registering, please specify if both husband and wife will be coming and how many children will be attending. You may e-mail or call Gary Medina (garymedina@bellsouth.net or 404-862-5874), Misty Medina (404-862-5872), or Sarah Maxwell (maxwellconferences@gmail.com or 913-732-3519).


No Conference Fee: There is no charge for this conference, but love offering boxes will be on the book tables to help with the Maxwells’ traveling expenses.

Children: Child care is not provided, but babies and little ones are welcome to sit with their parents. The content in all sessions is appropriate for even younger children. Bring the whole family, and be energized!

Meals: Friday evening, if you haven't eaten already, you may bring your own light dinner. Saturday lunch, you may bring your own lunch and get to know other like-minded believers or there are local places nearby (Dairy Queen, Ingles, Subway, etc).

Maxwell Resources: Book tables with all of the Maxwells’ books and audios will be available at the conference. You can view a complete listing of our products on this page.*

* We cannot guarantee all products will be available at the Energize! event.