Encouraging, exhorting, equipping Christian Families in Jesus Christ

Meet the Characters

Emma Rae Clarke—A 10-year-old girl who has determination and a love for her family. She’s just moved to Hill Top from Texas, which is a huge change. But Emma can handle it, as long as she has Taffy and Dad keeps his job. With brown hair, she’s an average girl who takes life as it comes.

Ethan James Clarke—You can spot 8-year-old Ethan anywhere with that cowlick because you certainly won’t find him talking. He collects broken lawnmowers to fix up. Ethan’s a big fan of reading.

Taffy—Taffy is Emma’s English Cream Golden Retriever, given to her by Grandma. With her beautiful, oatmeal-colored fur, she is Emma’s close buddy and cheers her up during difficult times. You’d better not leave your socks around if Taffy is near.

Mom (Rachel) Clarke—Emma’s mom is a soft-spoken, kind lady, who is organized and makes her home a cozy haven. She’s a wonderful support to her husband, even in the tough times. Mom became a Christian two years ago when a tragic event rocked the Clarke family.

Dad (Alan) Clarke—At six-feet tall, Dad is a caring dad. He’s 38, and five years older than Mom. He loves to spend time with his kids and has a competitive streak when playing games. Due to a high school injury, he’s had trouble keeping a job.

Uncle Dan—He’s Dad’s older brother, and he and his wife, Aunt Shannon, have lived in Hill Top for quite a while. He’s the reason the Clarkes moved to town, because he found Dad a job at Hildebrand’s Manufacturing. Uncle Dan owns a small cabinet shop right in Hill Top.

Aunt Shannon—She runs a bed and breakfast from their home, and she stays very busy with it. The bed and breakfast is only a few blocks from Emma’s home.

Brooke—14-year-old Brooke lives right next door and is a great friend to Emma. Brooke is thoughtful and kind and understands Emma’s struggles. Ashley, her mom, is a librarian at Hill Top’s library.

Hunter—9-year-old Hunter is Brooke’s only brother. Watch out for his unusual snacks.

Miss Karr—This older lady is the town gossip. She keeps a close eye on Hill Top from her porch, because, after all, her house is situated right at the top of the hill. Miss Karr also takes care of stray cats.

Sandy—She and her husband own a coffee shop in Hill Top, and it’s called by her name. This lady carries a sparkle about her, and she loves Jesus and kids.

Gregory—He’s Sandy’s husband who stays quietly in the background.

Kimiko—Kimiko lives on the other side of Emma and Ethan, and her yard has won the Most Beautiful Yard Award. She’s very friendly.