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Homeschool Scheduling

Teri Maxwell

Does it seem your day is gone with nothing to show for it? Do you feel frustrated that you aren't accomplishing school like you need to? Is your house a disaster, because you don't have time? There's hope!

Teri, a veteran homeschool mom for 30 years, has written numerous Mom's Corners on the subject of scheduling for homeschool moms. You'll find them below.

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Getting it All Done with Managers of Their Homes

Managers of Their Homes

The book and included Scheduling Kit, is a mainstay in the homeschool community for the past fifteen years. It all began when Teri was asked how she managed to find time to sew matching outfits for she and her girls. The simple answer was her schedule.

Managers of Their Homes is filled with practical tips on scheduling your time, your children's time, time in the kitchen, and it even includes a hands-on Scheduling Kit, with one of the chapters taking you through, step-by-step on making your schedule. You'll find another chapter on dealing with scheduling challenges, a question and answer chapter, 30 sample schedules, and much more. Read more about the book here.

Sometimes looking at another family's schedule can give ideas on scheduling your time.

Managers of Their Schools

An important area of scheduling is managing school and how it is accomplished. After MOTH came out, a complimentary title joined it called Managers of Their Schools. The book covers the essential nuts and bolts of homeschooling, managing homeschooling several children, checking school work, planning for their school year, and much more (including a discount section in the back).

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The Maxwell Family

Maxwell Family

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