Encouraging, exhorting, equipping Christian Families in Jesus Christ

The Inspire! Conference

Coming to the Winnipeg Area (Steinbach), Manitoba, Canada, May 10-11th, 2013


Do you feel like you are running on a treadmill? Do you want to have sweet relationships with your children as they are growing up and not experience the heartache of rebellion and immorality? Do your children have greater purpose in life than just to have fun? Be challenged and find ways that God can set your family on a journey of spiritual unity, purpose, and direction. Join us at Inspire! in Steinbach, Manitoba, May 10-11th, 2013!

Date and Time:

May 10th, 5:00pm - 8:45pm
May 11th, 9:00am - 4:00pm


Evangelical Mennonite Church Steinbach
420 Main Street
Steinbach, MB Canada, R5G 1Z5

Directions to the Church

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Friday May 10

5:00pm Making a Christ-Like Living in a Dog-Eat-Dog World
(Small business round-table discussion. Please bring your own light dinner.)
7:00pm Maxwell Family Concert and Be Inspired!

Saturday May 11

  Moms Dads Young Ladies Young Men
9:00am Help for the Time-Pressured Mom Family Bible Time: Here’s How Guaranteed The Keys to Unlocking Your Future Your Future on Track
10:15am Keeping Our Children’s Hearts Who Is Jesus to You?
11:30am Lunch Break
You may eat in the fellowship hall or at local fast food places nearby.
12:45pm Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit Manager of His Home–Leading & Loving Your Wife Brothers and Sisters, Best Friends Forever
2:00pm Loving Your Husband Raising Children to be Courtship-Minded A Necessary Skill for Life
3:15pm Practical Inspiration: A Family Panel Discussion (ends at 4:00)

Your registration is requested. When registering, please specify if both husband and wife will be coming and how many children will be attending the children/young people’s sessions (i.e. 2 girls, 1 boy). You may e-mail or call Vladimir Khubiryants (vladimirontheroad@gmail.com or cell, 204-792-2474) or Veronika Khubiryants. (Druzhnaya7ya@gmail.com or 204-346-5409, home). Or, you may contact Sarah Maxwell at conferences@Titus2.com or 913-732-3519.


No Conference Fee: There is no charge for this conference, but love offering boxes will be on the book tables to help with the Maxwells’ traveling expenses.

Childcare and Children Attending: Child care is not provided, but babies and children are welcome with their parents. Sessions given by the Maxwell young people are great for teens plus children of any age that are able to sit quietly. The content in sessions are appropriate for even younger children.

Meals: Friday evening, please bring your own light dinner. Saturday lunch, you may eat in the fellowship hall or there are local places nearby (Doener Grill Express, MJ's Kafe, or Uncle Jake's).

Maxwell Resources: Book tables with all of the Maxwells’ books and audios will be available at the conference. You can view a complete listing of our products on this page.*

* We cannot guarantee all products will be available at the Inspire! Event.