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Managers of Their Homes

Managers of Their Homes

A Practical Guide to Daily Scheduling for Christian Homeschool Families (includes Scheduling Kit), by Steve & Teri Maxwell

Special: Purchase Managers of Their Homes now through August 31st, and you'll receive 1 free month to ScheduleBreeze. After your book purchase, we'll e-mail you with details. What resource could be better than Managers of Their Homes to bring families peace and order? The answer is the newly revised Managers of Their Homes.

Managers of Their Homes has been thousands of moms’ go-to resource for the past 20 years! But with time, comes even more experience besides our own and the pilot families who tested it out. We’ve gained new insights that we realized were vital to include in this treasured book.

Each chapter has been extensively revised and more helpful tips added. You’ll also find a special chapter on how to schedule when a mom faces health challenges or is on bedrest. Plus, what good is a schedule if you can’t make it run smoothly? Schedules ARE stress-busters, but you need the proper tools to make it that way. So with that in mind, we’ve given practical help on implementing despite the challenges you face. In addition, the chapter on putting your schedule together with the included Scheduling Kit (not pictured but included!) gives an optional route if you choose to subscribe to the online scheduling software (ScheduleBreeze).

The book’s new design and format makes for a super easy and comfortable read. Grab your revised copy of Managers of Their Homes now!

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to go to bed each night, with the peace of mind that you accomplished what you wanted to each day, such as a clean house, AND homeschooling? Tens of thousands of moms prove it is possible, every day.

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A homeschool mother's greatest challenge may be "getting it all done." Managers of Their Homes offers solutions! Responses from families who have read Managers of Their Homes and implemented a schedule indicate the almost unbelievable improvements they have realized.

"I have just implemented our first schedule this week. I am so happy and full of thanks. It is amazing how smoothly our household runs now and how much we are able to get done without fits from the children and threatening from me. I do believe that this is one way that the Lord is answering my pleas for more joy in our home."

Managers of Their Homes: A Practical Guide to Daily Scheduling for Christian Homeschool Families sets a firm biblical foundation for scheduling, and presents the benefits you can realize. Chapter after chapter is filled with practical suggestions for efficient ways to schedule a homeschooling family's days. Thirty real-life schedules in the Appendix give valuable insight into creating a personalized schedule for your family. Also included is a special chapter by Steve for homeschool dads.

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to go to bed each night, with the peace of mind that you accomplished what you wanted to each day, such as a clean house, AND homeschooling?

As you journey through the book, learning how to manage your time, you'll enjoy being able to read the comments and experiences of similar moms who have made the journey from chaos, stress and disorganization to peace, contentment and productivity. You will be encouraged that it is possible.

Will you join the tens of thousands who have have moved from chaos, stress, and disorganization to peace, contentment, and productivity? It doesn't matter whether you have one child or twelve, this book will help you to manage your day. You can do it and we will help you!

  • Are you seriously interested in peace and productivity for your home?
  • When do you think it is best to begin?
  • Why not begin right now to join other moms in having stress-free, productive days?

Say good-bye to homeschool time management problems and hello to a peaceful life.

What's Included:

  • Managers of Their Homes book
  • Scheduling Kit (allows you to make your unique family's schedule) - Accommodates as many people in your family as you need it to.
  • Scheduling worksheets easily guide through the scheduling process
  • Color-coding simplifies setting up individual schedules
  • 30 sample schedules of varying size families in the Appendix to give you helpful ideas.
  • Special chapter for Dads written by Steve
  • Managers of Their Homes Registration: When you register your book, you may then purchase additional Scheduling Kits for your family as you need them. Registering also allows you to join our scheduling messageboard, MOTHBoard, which is moderated by Teri Maxwell.

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"In retrospect, having used the book, I would have paid $100 for it, if I could have known beforehand the tremendous benefits I would gain: peace in my busy home, and the ability my schedule gives me to accomplish the things I feel God wants me to do in my family."

"Managers of Their Homes is the BEST book I've read on organization."

Book Author Steve and Teri Maxwell
Dimensions 11 x 8.5
Page Number 176