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Maxwell's Shed Project


John, 14, is beginning to level the ground for the shed foundation.

Joseph and Dad

An important part to the process is measuring with the transit tool. Several of the children gained experience on how to work it. Pictured about is Joseph, 16, and Dad (Steve).

Dad and Jesse

Jesse, 11, is working with the other part of the transit!

Dad and Mary

Dad had to rent a small excavator. Dad made sure to include the children as part of the process. Mary, 9, was quite thrilled to help Daddy!

Dad and Jesse

Dad also had to rent a uni-loader. Jesse was excited to be able to ride with Dad!

John, Joseph, and Jesse

When we were laying cement for the shed, the boys had to work quickly! Pictured above are John, Joseph, and Jesse.

Cement Work

We had to lay a sidewalk to the back so that we can transport books on pallets to the shed. All eight Maxwell children helped Dad lay the cement. Pictured here (left to right) - Anna, Nathan, Christopher, Mary (behind Sarah), Sarah, John. Joseph and Jesse are working, too, although they aren't in this picture.

Cement Work

The three youngest Maxwells were especially delighted to be able to be "in" the cement helping! They were incredible workers.

Cement Work

Several of the children were smoothing out the cement while John and Christopher came along "screeting" it with a long board.

John and Joseph

John and Joseph building the shed walls.


Jesse had lots of practice with his drill this summer!


Jesse again!



We're hopeful to paint it the first nice Saturday!

As mentioned in previous Dad's Corners, John was responsible for the design of the shed. He did a great job and was a hard worker!

Note: Mom (Teri) isn't in the pictures, but she was a faithful inside worker at keeping the guys supplied with drinks and food.

Are you inspired to start your children on practical projects? Any ideas coming to mind for what you could do in your family? We hope so!