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MOTH Book Registration

  • Have permission to copy the Scheduling Kit for your own personal use.
  • May purchase additional Scheduling Kits for your personal use, should you request it.
  • May be made aware of other information or products should we feel the Lord leading us in that direction in the future. (Note: we do NOT sell or allow anyone else to use our database. It remains confidential.)
  • May sign up to purchase a ScheduleBreeze subscription.

Reasons to register now at time of purchase:

  • Online registration is a one time offer at time of purchase.
  • The paper registration must be mailed but online registering is immediate.
  • Online registration allows quicker access to MOTHBoard.
  • If you live outside the US, it is far more convenient and quicker to register online.

Reasons you may not want to register now at time of purchase:

  • If you intend to give this book as a gift, it would already be registered under your name, and it would delay and complicate transferring the registration to someone else.
  • On the paper registration there is a space for personal testimonies. Obviously, if you don't register by paper, you don't have that opportunity to include a personal testimony, but you could always e-mail (managers@Titus2.com) one to us.