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My Delight Preface

Steve, my husband of 44 years, asked me to write My Delight: Loving My Husband. He said it was a message he felt the Lord had been working in my life over the course of our marriage that other wives would be blessed to know.

I am not a model wife nor does Steve consider himself a model husband. We are two sinners saved by the glorious grace of God, seeking to grow in Him day-by-day and desiring to improve our marriage.

My Delight is a wife book not a marriage book. Many other books deal with how a couple can work together to improve their marriage. Here we will focus only on the wife. I am confident, though, that as a wife grows in her relationship with Jesus and in her ability to follow directions for wives from God’s Word, her marriage will improve.

This book also does not address physical intimacy. Many other books address that topic, and we wanted to keep this to be one that didn’t need to be hidden away from children.

My Delight is not for wives in an abusive marriage. When abuse is involved, please go to your church authorities and the governmental authorities as appropriate. Don’t suffer in silence. Get help.

It is likely that several categories of wives are reading this book. One will see areas in her life where change is possible and decide to pursue that change, praying for the Lord to do a mighty work in her heart. Another will retreat in self-pity and say, “I can’t. I’ve tried.” Yet another will say, “It’s not my fault. This just makes me feel guilty.”

Please read with an open heart and desire for change and then a willingness to step into those changes with God’s strength and grace.

I am grateful for a husband who has patiently loved me through my faults and wants to grow old with me!

Steve read every word multiple times and helped me decide what to include in this book and what to leave out. We had many, many discussions on its content. Thank you from the bottom of my heart: my dear, my delight! A big thank you to Anna for her efforts and hours laying out the book for printing, to Sarah for her proofreading work before and after the professional copyeditor, and to Mary for designing the cover. We also want to express gratitude to the wives who read this book in its draft form and gave feedback.

Love, Teri