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Redeeming the Time

Redeeming the Time

A Practical Guide to a Christian Man's Time Management, by Steve Maxwell

Also available in download or CD audiobook. Most men today would say that they are under time pressure. In the midst of their busyness, there are key aspects of their daily lives that suffer such as their relationships with the Lord, with their wives, and with their children. They aren't keeping up with their normal responsibilities. They are tired, stressed, and struggling. Read a chapter.

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Titus2 ministry founder, engineer, and CEO of two small businesses, Steve Maxwell has much experience in time management. He shares Biblical truths that will allow a man to gain control over the time pressures that he is facing. Steve discusses practical aspects of time management that put a man on a path to being able to keep up with the various demands on his time.

Over the years, Steve has had many interactions with men who are struggling to keep up with their responsibilities. He even addresses different work situations dads face such as working second shift, being in the military, and having changing work hours. In this book you will learn how it is possible to go from pressure, chaos, and stress to peace, order, and productivity.

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"All hope is not lost. There is "free" time to be found by all who apply the biblical principles found in this book. No matter how long are the hours worked, the time spent at home needs to be scheduled properly according to our priorities, which need to be set by the Bible. Failure to keep this in mind can be devastating. I work 60+ hours a week and can be away for entire weeks, only home on the weekends, so this book has helped me."

"I just finished reading Redeeming The Time. Our lives are completely changed. I keep wondering if I am going to die soon or if something bad is going to happen because it is as if somehow life is not supposed to be this good."

"After reading this book, I have a better idea and understanding of what God expects from me as the DAD!"

Book Author Steve Maxwell
Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5
Page Number 236